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Friday, October 31, 2008

Chief Seattle on Mother Nature

In 1855, an American Indian Prophet, Chief Seattle, tried to enlighten the then President of the United States. He said; "Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the Earth is our Mother. Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the Earth. If we spit on the ground, we spit on ourselves". No one listened and the white man got greedier.

If we are ever to see a day or place where peace reigns supreme and the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the lion shall eat straw with the ox, then we must honor the magnificent, ultimate trust God put in us and save the lives of all His blessed creatures of creation and our home "EARTH".

These animals are a barometer of the environment and we are losing 3 species a day! This is the same environment we depend on for life. We are not dealing with just a sickness or disease, we are dealing with Extinction, soon it will be our own.

Each species was created to fit its individual needs and place in a balanced environment. We are the only species altering the planet to suit our will and needs. Stephen Hawking, a brilliant mind of our time has said: "I don't think the human race will last 100 years". I think he is right.

God made a promise to us that he would never destroy the earth again. He is quite surprised that we are doing it to ourselves


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What In The World Have We Humans Done??
Here I am in my mid fifties, and having lived over half a centure I've seen a lot.

I was fortunate to grow up when the world was beautiful and pretty clean. People were friendly, free enterprise in the form of Family Business succeeded, which supported the town or community. Churchs served the community and the community had values and morals.

Our world had abundand and diverse species of wildlife that lived in vital habitats untouched. Our planet was a beautiful living organism, a perfected machine working in harmony. Now the machinery of "Mother Nature" has it's works all stopped up, developed or polluted.

Now I look around and see nothing but a frightening mess. Starting with the Governments being corrupt, the very foundation of upon which civilization depends on for stability and management. Corporations now control as many of our actions as possible shaping society, and the shape it has formed is a monster.

Our Mother Earth, the environment in which we end on our very life force is a horrific mess of a cesspool of pollutants and over population abuse of the natural resources.

At times I see Mother Nature fighting back with mutant virus, bacteria, crop failures, horrific storms, and other natural happenings. I don't blame her at all for wanting to shed humans, the only species on Earth to fowl it's own nest.

Here in America people who have worked hard all their life to live the American Dream are loseing it all now. Why?????

When did it all start to go so bad? How did this happen? Who or what is responsible? Any body have any ideas on this subject?

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How Ironic it is to achieve immortality via technology..

Never thought I would make it this far. After years of being near death sick I feel more alive now then I can remember. In fact I don't know what it is like to feel good, it has been so long, I think close to 15 years that I have waited for death. But I beat death and am now looking forward to life....Today is the first day of the rest of my life!!


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