A.W.E.© "Adventures in Wildlife Education"

Many people observe wildlife with awe at the beauty and diversity of the animals and the role they play in our life..

Save The Wildlife's "AWE" programs brings over 40 years of experience's working with wildlife and the environment. All our programs are tailored to meet the needs of understanding the "Web Of Life" also known as the food chain, importance of wildlife, and the environmental responsibility needed by them..

Our Education Facilitators bring multifaceted levels of experience and are unique individuals. They share their life stories dealing with the wildlife, environmental expertise, failures and success's with the audience providing a wonderful opportunity of insight into our Planets "Web of Life".

Joining us in our programs are the "Wildlife Ambassadors", our permanently injured wildlife that can not be released back into the wild. These animals provide a wonderful up close and personal experience of view these wonderful creatures that we don't see in our every day life.

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