Welcome To Save The Wildlife's Chat Room 

1. Be respectful, polite and courtious of others.
2. No profanity, personal invective, or other inappropriate comments.
3. No comments touching on politics, religion, or sports. Respect the diversity of the room.
4. Limit personal information, either asked or given. Age, gender, and other such details are unnecessary or even inadvisable. This is a very busy chat room, so "roll calls" of chatters' locations will be stopped.
5. Disagreements might be unavoidable but should remain polite, and they should never become arguments.
6. Do not post strings of several emoticons, smileys, or random characters, either on a single line or in successive posts. Do not post in all caps, it’s like YELLING.
7. Moderators (mods) can timeout, kick, or permanently ban chat abusers, and can delete inappropriate posts.
8. Allow mods to deal with chat abusers, do not engage them yourself, keep your posts relevant to the eagles.
9. Respect the mods, who are here to make sure all viewers have a good experience.
10. Chatting is a privilege, not a right. Often the chat room is maxed out and other chatters are waiting to get in. If your presence is disruptive, mods will make way for others to take your place.

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