Save The Wildlife's mission statement reads: To nurture the appreciation for wildlife, encourage responsible stewardship of the Earth, provide the means and demonstrate how everyone can be part of the solution in the crusade to save our natural planetary habitat. 

How do we accomplish this? Through wildlife education, research, participation, facilitation and sponsorship. Save The Wildlife was founded in 1984 to meet the needs of growing injured and orphaned wildlife in Central Florida. Now our non-profit organization is dedicated to wildlife preservation through environmental education and research.

Our Vision: Every person needs the opportunity to appreciate the place where wilderness lives within our spirit, to touch it, honor it and preserve it.

Our Mission: Diversity in Unity. Nurture appreciation of wildlife, encourage responsible stewardship of the earth and to demonstrate how everyone can be a part of the solution.

Our Purpose: Provide programs relating our human connection to the environment, in the chain of life, and on Earth in both the Physical and Spiritual form.

Our Goal: Making a difference here on Earth for future generations.

After spending years of work caring for injured and orphaned wildlife we realized that rehabilitation efforts were just a "band-aid" solution in the realm of actually saving wildlife and environment.

Our continuing dedication is to the preservation of all wildlife, wildlife habitat and our habitat Planet Earth. Our organization is changing, we've moved to a new area to a college town with the University I have been wanting to be near for Years!  This college is wonderful, a veterinarian school and has a large interest in animals and research.  Along with this advantage there is a wonderful opportunity for people to do research projects earning their degrees. 

Another new exciting development is our utilizing the World Wide Web now for our programs.  And, a wonderful advantage to home school teachers.  We know there is a lot we can bring with new technology our programs can go any where now via the web offering much more diverse style to present to Teachers and Students.

Our environment and wildlife habitat is like a finely spun spider web. If you break or tear away one strand then another, it weakens the whole structure. We must safe guard those golden strands that keeps life flowing or we create a domino effect that continues to degrade our planet.

Our founder has been involved with wildlife rehabilitation work since she was a child. Now dedicated to preservation thru environmental education and Wildlife Research, she now travels the country with her presentations and seminars, the fascinating program's feature sharing life experiences with wildlife and the environment. Joining her is "Hollie", the resident Bald Eagle "Angie", the Red Tail Hawk, "Phoenix" a Great Horn Owl and other wildlife Ambassador's. Unable to survive in the wild due to permanent injuries, they provide a wonderful opportunity for an up close look and personal experience. 


Saving Wildlife One Day At A Time

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