For over 30 years I dedicated my life to Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, education, conservation.  Now I have found a new way to express my love of Nature and Mother Earth.  PAWS Jewelry is inspired by the beauty of our planet and hopefully with my pieces the person who possess them will always be reminded of the beauty of nature and how precious it is to our well being.

I feel so truly blessed that God gave me the wonderful gift of art and it is my passion to create individual one of a kind jewelry pieces that are very unique.  I love the idea of creating a special piece of jewelry which is actually a piece of art so that who ever the person is that becomes the owner wears a beautiful piece of art that has been made with much love and blessings

Each piece is assembled in a similar style, but when in the kiln God decides if it is an Angel, Cross or Dove.  I am always amazed at what happens in the kiln and what a piece turns out to be.  While in the kiln and heated to over 1200 degrees the Dichroic glass turns white hot and I bless them while in that state of fire. 

I ask that the owner and wearer of this piece be blessed with health, family, happiness, wealth and all their needs are met.  I know that each piece finds it’s way to the person it was intended for just like the first piece I bought that led me into this particular craft.  I hope you find that your piece is not only unique, but also comforting.

                   Copyright 2010 Save The Wildlife, Inc.  a Non Profit 501C3 IRS Tax Exempt Organization